Safe Dating

Safe use of introduction sites.

Talking to someone new online is exciting and often intriguing. wants you to be able to get the most out of our site and part of this includes staying safe.

We have compiled a few tips to help you stay safe whilst having the best experience possible.

Use caution before you give out personal details like phone number and address – we provide you with a space where you can talk, add images and videos safely and securely. Getting to know the person you are talking to is a huge part of the excitement why shorten this by giving out your phone number or address too soon?

If someone you are talking to is lucky enough to grab your interest and you would like to meet them Collared advises that you meet in a public place, let someone know you have a date and keep in touch with them. Meeting people online does not hold the taboo that it used to, many people are realising the potential of this way of finding likeminded people.

Collared takes abuse of our services very seriously and any members that are reported as acting inappropriately either online or during any meeting will have their account terminated. To report a member for inappropriate behaviour please send information of the complaint to Your complaint shall be reviewed and the appropriate action taken.

If you are concerned about using your personal email address you can set up one specifically for Collared. This way every time you login to that account you can look forward to updates from your collared account only (please be assured we do not give out email addresses, the email address on your account will only be used for notifications relating to your account).

Please respect others and yourself when using this playground. The safer it is the more fun we can have…….. ENJOY



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